Quad Screen Splitter: Simultaneously view four video inputs on a single screen

Published: 17th July 2009
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Using one keyboard, mouse and display, the Quad Screen Splitter, which is a combination of a video splitter and a KVM switch allows users to view and monitor video signals from four different computers simultaneously on a single screen. Money and space for additional keyboards, mice and monitors are saved by using these splitters and they allow you to monitor your environments with efficiency. A user can connect analog or digital devices to the splitter and display images on a digital or analog monitor with proper cabling. A large number of computers can be managed using many of these splitters.

These devices are operated by using front-panel push buttons and hotkey commands for control. LED indicators on the front of this screen splitter indicate status. They support high resolution video of up to 1600 x 1200. The quad screen splitter is fully compliant with USB 1.0, 1.1 standards. USB or PS/2 computers as well as digital DVI devices, such as DVD players, satellite receivers and HDTV tuners are supported as well. They can also be connected to laptops, Macs, SUN computers and PCs with a USB port and support almost all operating systems. This Video Splitter can split an image, switch an image or display from two different video sources, creating dual video images or pictures on one screen. These splitters can be operated on four display modes such as Quad mode in which the screen is split into four equal portions displaying each connected device; PIP mode in which three video sources overlay the full-screen image via thumbnails, allowing them to be monitored simultaneously; Dual mode or split screen in which two images can be viewed side to side; and Full screen mode in which one of the four video sources is shown at full screen size and maximum resolution. This Quad Screen Splitter is now available with touch screen support as well which is creating a revolution in this field.
These splitters are an ideal product for workstations in supervisory systems, process control centers, server farms, government and military applications, casinos, banks and data centers.

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